Change Management is a logical outcome of BPR. It transforms a process, individual, team, or organization to a defined to-be state. Virtualization, private clouds, globalization, and the incessant innovation of technology result in an evolving business environment that can be a challenge to control. Whether at the micro (e.g. process) or macro (e.g. organization) level, the critical success factor is the ability to win buy-in for the change. Effectively managing the change is a four-step process: Understand the change to the business environment; Develop adjustments to organizational and personal needs; Communicate with and educate the stakeholders and process users about the change; and – Win the support of management, stakeholders, users, and process output recipients.

DKW has performed BPR and system development and implementation for numerous mission-critical systems: All of which required the buy-in of management, stakeholders, and users. We understand that the road to Change Management success is communication: Frequently and at all organizational levels. We are prepared to accept your challenges and foster your success.